2 shawls based on one pattern

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2 shawls based on one pattern

I knit my Fairy Wings shawl as part of a test knit/KAL in my dyeing group out of one skein of my Merino/Silk Fingering yarn in the Irish Spring colourway. I followed the pattern fairly closely, but I did add an extra repeat of the lace pattern.

I really liked the look and shape of this shawl so I decided to knit another version of it with a few changes to keep it interesting using Handmaiden Fine Yarns Camelspin in the Sangria colourway.

I wanted to keep the shallow shape created by the normal increase of 4 stitches on the right side rows and the additional increase of 2 stitches on the wrong side rows at
the outer edges. This makes the shawl sit nicely on my shoulders and I can move around without it falling off.

I also loved the the wrapped stitch pattern used as the spine of the shawl and I kept it in my new version. I changed the main part of the shawl to stockinette from gather stitch and I used a different lace pattern in the shawl.

I used the peacock tail lace pattern in the refence section of Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. I also kept the I-cord castoff which takes longer but creates a very nice edge as seen in the picture to the right.

I am equally happy with both versions of this shawl. I get to wear the second one only at the moment as the green shawl lives at the Just Knitting store as a sample.

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