My tweedy socks

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My tweedy socks

I knit the first sock as my project sock while I taught a Beginner Sock class at Just Knitting in early March using my A Tweedy Sock yarn in the Purple Tweed colourway . I really like the look of the knitted fabric with this yarn. This yarn looks quite different knitted up than it looks in the cake or skein.

My basic sock pattern (64 sts) that I used to knit this sock is like most plain socks patterns out there with a few small differences. The first difference is that I knit my heel flag to be 2 3/4 inches long so I will pick up a couple more stitches on each side of the heel flag as my ankle is a little thicker. Second difference is that I pick up two extra stitches along the top of each side of the heel flap in order to close the gap at the join to the instep stiches. One stitch is a couple of rows in after/before the last slipped stitch on the heel flag and the other stitch is two rows down from the first and last stitch on the instep. This tip was told to me by a late knitting friend whose husband only wore hand-knitted socks.

Another difference is that I knit the first row of the gusset first with no decreases and I knit all the picked up stiches through the back loop (tbl) on each side of the heel flag. This twists the picked up stitches and makes that edge look very neat and tidy. This tip was first told to me by another knitting friend but I have seen this since in some sock patterns.

The final difference is my toe shaping which I start at 1 1/2 inches less that the foot length I want. For my socks, I start the toe shaping at 8 1/4 inches as the foot length I want is 9 3/4 inches (measured from the back of the heel). The toe shaping I do is a cross between the standard toe and a round toe.

My toe shaping is the following: (decrease row, knit row) 2 times, decrease row 4 times, (decrease row, knit row) 2 times, decrease row 4 times. (down to 16 stitches total). I then try on the sock and then decide whether to knit one more row or not.

On a completely different note, I now have a twitter account @yvieknits and I will use it to announce updates to my on-line store and website, new yvieknits stock at the Just Knitting store, my knitting class schedule updates, and when I will be at the Just Knitting store.

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