The Gathering in Port Hope, Ontario

Posted on April 16, 2012 | 2 comments

The Gathering in Port Hope, Ontario

I was a vendor at The Gathering in Port Hope, Ontario this past Saturday (April 14th). What a fun and well organized event this was. There were so many volunteers to help to unload and bring your things inside that I think that I only carried one small box in. The picture to the left is my booth a little while before the event started.

This event is meant to be an all day event for people to do some shopping and to sit, knit, spin etc and visit with other like-minded people. Here is the setup in the middle of the gym waiting for the Gathering to begin.

We (my Mom helped me out in my booth for the day) had a great time at this event talking to lots of knitters and watching everyone spinning and knitting in the middle of the gym. The following three pictures shows the view from my booth.

This was a very successful day for me at this event. I sold a couple of shawl kits, some shawl patterns (Natalie’s), some shawl pins and stitch markers (Francine’s) and many skeins of my handpainted yarn. A big thank you to the people who ran this event and to everyone who took the time to visit my booth. I enjoying meeting and talking to you all. I hope to see you all again next year at this event.


  1. I love your patterns by Natalie and yarn for your shawls. I purchased the sunflower pattern and beautiful yellow yarn at “the Gathering.” I have to purchase a circular needle in the correct size and then I can’t wait to create my bit of sunshine.

    Lovely meeting you and your mother.


    When I am in Ottawa this summer, I will come to charleton Place t find you.

    • It was nice to meet you at the Gathering too, Bonnie. I’m glad that you are happy with your purchases. Let me know in advance when you plan to head out to the store in Carleton Place and I can arrange to meet you there.


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