My yarn at the Loop in Halifax, NS

Posted on July 13, 2012 | 0 comments

My yarn at the Loop in Halifax, NS

I met with Mimi, the owner of the The Loop in Halifax, Nova Scotia this morning to show her some of my yarn, knitted samples, and a shawl kit. She liked what she saw so she agreed to carry my yarn for the duration of my stay in Halifax. I head back to Ottawa on July 24th.

I returned to her store with the rest of my yarn and shawl kits this afternoon. There are now thirty-nine (one skein was sold while I was still there) skeins of my yarn and eight of my shawl kits at the Loop. My yarn is in baskets on the center stand in the store.

I plan to be at the Loop for the afternoon on Saturday, July 21st.

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