Trunk Show at The Loop in Halifax

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Trunk Show at The Loop in Halifax

lace-sock-sparklyMimi, the owner of The Loop hosted a trunk show for Yvieknits Yarns at her store yesterday afternoon. I arrived at the store just before it opened in the morning and we spent the morning setting up for the show. I brought almost hundred skeins of yarn, 4 shawl kits and lots of knitted samples with me so there was lots to do.

My yarn was displayed in three spots in the store. The basket on the end of the big table (picture top left) contained the Merino Sport and BFL DK and some knitted samples. The Angel Select Lace, BFL/Silk Select Lace, Merino Single Ply Fingering (my new yarn), Sparkly Sock and Sock was on the small table near the back (picture top right) where my yarns usually are in the store. cash-merino light fingeringmerino-silk fingering sideI brought a tall stand with me that we used to hang skeins of Merino/Silk Fingering, Cash Sock and Merino Light Fingering on which was situated at the front of the big table. The shawl kits were on the table beside the entry box for the draw.

While I started working on the displays, Mimi created a box for people to put their entries into for the draw, the entry slips, the coupons used as prizes for bringing in projects that used my yarn (FOs and WIPs counted) and other tasks to get ready for the show before helping me finish the displays. Mimi provided two prizes for the draw for people who attended the show. One prize was my Childeric’s Bees Shawl Kit and the second prize was a $25 gift certificate.

I took pictures of the first two projects that used my yarn that people brought in. The first project is Heather’s shawl (unblocked as just completed) using 1 skein of my Sparkly Sock yarn in The Witching Hour colourway (picture on the left). The second project is Elisabeth’s cowl using 1 skein of my Merino/Silk Fingering yarn in the Pewter colourway(picture to the right). A few more people brought in their projects, but by then I was talking to people and had totally forgotten about my camera.
heather's shawlelisabeth's cowl
Thank you to everyone who attended the show. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone about my yarns, my method of dyeing and the stories behind some of my colourways. Thank you also to my Mom and my friend and her family here in Halifax who kindly let me borrow some items I had knitted them out of my yarns over the years to use as knitted samples for the show.