Robbins’ Nest in Brighton, ON

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Robbins’ Nest in Brighton, ON

Earlier in July, I spent several days at my friend’s cottage in Prince Edward County (I visited this cottage with my friend last September and blogged about it here) with my Mom and brother. We had a lovely but busy time at the cottage partly due to my brother’s car problems.

I brought most of my yarn with me on the trip because
I planned to make an appointment with the owner of Robbins’ Nest in Brighton, ON as it was about a 50 minute drive from the cottage and there were places we wanted to visit on the way back. I had met Elaine last April at The Gathering in Port Hope briefly where she had planned to look at my yarns at the end of the show but unfortunately we ran out of time since we had to pack up quickly due to another rental that day. I called her from the cottage on our first morning there and I made an appointment for the following Wednesday morning.

robbins nest - 1 Brighton is a pretty little town west of Belleville and you can get to directly from Prince Edward County or from the 401. Robbins’ Nest is a yarn and quilting store with a nice selection of yarn and quilting supplies. I took a few pictures of the yarn on the display, but I now wish I had taken a couple of pictures of the lovely fabric available in the store too as I know quite a few knitters who are also quilters. robbins nest - 2


On arrival, I showed Elaine all the yarn and knitted samples I had brought with me and it went well. She expressed interest in getting in some paper copies of my friend Natalie’s patterns too. She already has some of my friend Francine’s shawl pins in stock, but she was sold out of the stitch markers.

I mentioned that I had recently held a trunk show at a yarn store in Halifax and she promptly asked if I would be interested in holding a trunk show at her store during their annual AppleFest in September which brings lots of people to town as a way of launching my yarn at her store. We decided that the Friday and Saturday (September 27-28) of the four day festival would be best days to hold the trunk show on. She will getting some of my yarn, Natalie’s patterns and more of Francine’s stitch markers in before then to help promote the trunk show.

If you can going to be in the area on those days, please drop by and check out this lovely store and town.