Recent Finished Objects (FOs)

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Recent Finished Objects (FOs)

barb's mountain path socksA couple of weeks ago, I finished knitting and mailed off the birthday presents for my friend, Barb and her eldest daughter. I made the Mountain Path Socks for Barb using 1 skein of my Merino Single Ply Fingering yarn in the Marmalade colourway. I knit the first sock back in June when I was test knitting the pattern and then I put them aside while I moved on to more urgent projects. My friend, Barb, loves hand-knit socks so when I was deciding what to knit her for birthday, I decided to finished this pair of socks. The reasons I decided on these socks was 1) one sock was already knit and 2)it occurred to me that she was the perfect person to test out how this yarn wears for socks.

Madeline's Miss Dashwood Shawl madeline's shawl closeupI knit another Margaret Dashwood Shawl for her oldest daughter as she decided that she would like the same thing that I knit for her younger sister for her birthday earlier this year. This shawl was knit with a little more than 2 skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn. I ended up knitting the last half of this shawl twice as I had added some extra repeats and then I ran out of the yarn so I had to rip it back to take the extra repeats.

I am now working on my Christmas knitting projects. The biggest project I have planned is to knit a Lavender Fields Shawl for my friend, Barb’s Mom, who I have know since I was 14. She loved my Mom’s Lavender Fields Shawl so I thought that I would knit her one for Christmas this year. fields startI cast it on last week and I am currently almost finished the 3rd repeat of Chart B. I am using one skein of my BFL/Silk Select Lace in the Stormy colourway which is the same yarn that my Mom used to knit her shawl. The work-in-progress (WIP) picture was taken just after I was finished the first repeat of Chart B.

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