Yarns etc revisited

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Yarns etc revisited

Last Wednesday (Dec 11th), I went downtown Ottawa to meet a friend for lunch and to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. While I was downtown, I stopped by Yarns etc to take some pictures of the store since I had forgotten to do that when I was there before. Yarns etc sells quite a bit of locally dyed yarn (Yvieknits Yarns, Turtlepurl Yarns and Riverside Studios yarns). The local yarns are currently displayed on the table in the middle of the store. In the picture on the left, my yarn is on the bottom row and the top row is mix of Turtlepurl and Riverside Studios yarns.

I was pleased to see that 18 skeins (a little more than 25% of the order) has already been sold since I delivered it to Yarns etc about two weeks ago. The two pictures below shows the 46 skeins that were still there as of Wednesday mid-afternoon.
my yarns at yarns etc my yarns at etc
Yarns etc is located near the corner of Rideau St and Nicholas St and it is also about 1 block and a half away from the Nicholas St exit from the Rideau Centre. They carry a good selection of different yarns plus knitting, crochet and embroidery supplies. I’m afraid that as usual, I was so focused on the yarn that I forgot to take pictures of the other items that the store carries.
table+wall of yarn yarn wall at yarns etc

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